Hi, I'm Alex and this is my space!

Welcome to Artistic8!
Here I create for you 🙂

I create Surface Patterns, Wall Decorations for children, and Personalized Photo Artworks and other gifts.

Welcome to my Art World

“Where we learn to embrace the change, there we will find a beauty”

Who am I?

I am Alexandra, shortly Alex, and I am the person behind the brand ‘Artistic8’. The only thing I’m sure about myself is that I  looooove to create! The rest is under constant changes, learning, downgrades and upgrades.

I am a graphic designer and illustrator by profession for more than 20 years, most of the time I’ve been working as a freelancer for clients and their projects.

As I am now a mother of a little child myself, I am in a period of life when I especially like to make children’s lives better, cuter, and funnier and I decided to develop my own products and projects.

My priority is to be a mom, but kids are growing fast and I am slowly managing to get organized and continue to develop my skills and profession after a few years’ break.

I hope to bring you some beautiful things that will fill your heart, your environment, and even life, which would also be the fulfillment of my ambitions, too.

To support my business development, please take a look at my creations and get something for yourself and your loved ones if you like.

About Artistic8 LLC

Artistic8 LLC is a small fresh US-based business that I’m running by myself since the end of 2021.

Before, life situation took me through various jobs and experiences, which was interesting and useful at the time, but now I would like to settle down and do what really fulfills me. I really believe I have some good things inside to bring out and share with the world through Artistic8.com!

I like to create many different things, not only in digital form but for now mostly I’m focused on surface pattern designs and kids’ illustrations, and let’s see where the art will take us.

Artistic8 is still in developing mode as my creations are 🙂 … and I’m moving slow, doing all by myself but doing my best and enjoying it!!!

All support is welcome and much appreciated!


Probably I have enough self believe since I’m already here doing this, although is never really enough to relax, but I hope I will keep that feeling, together with consistency in work, and be able to turn the wheel, enjoy the process and provide my best to you all.

Purpose of my Artworks

Now that I have decided to develop my own brand, I want to create everything for what I did not have the opportunity and time and was smoldering in my mind in the form of ideas for a while now. I have a lot of skills, a lot of experience, and I sincerely hope that I will be able to channel it all into one beautiful story and develop what I am really the best at.

My creations are focused on children and their world, imagination, education, and carefree development.

“Now when this dream has become a reality, I am ready to invest my whole heart in every piece of art, and to share it with you and the whole world.” Alex

Overall message

I strive to create the sweetest, most beautiful and educational things for children I can. I am full of ideas and all I need to do is make them a reality.

Day by day, I do that and I do my best. I hope that soon I will have a nice range of products that can enrich everyone’s life, especially the youngest population.

I am thankful for all the support and motivation I receive every day from dear and good people, and my aspiration is to be able to justify that trust in every move and return the satisfaction with the quality of my work and the joy of life.



Every piece of art that you can find on this site is created or illustrated by Alex the artist, and all rights are reserved and belong to Artistic8 LLC.


I'll convert your ordinary photo
into a real Piece of Art.

We don’t always know what to give to our loved ones, but can’t go wrong with something personal! That will definitely make an impression, and it will make everyone happy and fall in love with your gift!

Take a look at the offer in my Art SHOP and add a personal touch to your children’s room, living room, office, or any other space you want to enrich with creative and artistic works. Feel free to place an order of  Your Photo Artwork which I’ll create from a photo you send me, or choose from the ready-made Digital images or Surface Patterns I’ve prepared for you.

Any custom order you can address to artistic8arts@gmail.com or support@artistic8.com and I’ll get in touch with you for the best results.

Thank You for Your Trust! Alex, the artist

Let’s Recreate the Memories!



I provide high-resolution designs and/or files.



The beauty of life is in the small details.



My moto is beautiful and useful.



Together we create our world.