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Interactive World Map Project paused :)

Interactive World Map for children

Hello good people!

Here I am after more than three months to write an update about the project – interactive world map for children. And to put this blog topic on pause. The project has been on pause for some time because while we are planning, God is smiling 😀
But like I said, I’m not giving up and the map will see the light of day!, just a little later than planned.

At first, I imagined this project, the idea was born, then I started working on it, then I encountered problems in its realization, then I found a solution for its implementation, and then in the meantime I threw myself into some other things because I spent more time than planned. At that moment, it was going that way because I was trying out, practicing and learning new things along the way, but now I would have to get a little more serious in my work in order to make all of this work at all.

Anyway, I definitely expect an interactive world map from myself, but I’m not currently able to blog and work on the map. The interactive world map for children is a project in development that I am currently working on only in my free time, and I will write an update on how far I have come in three months.

After working on myself and a complete transformation in the last three months, more offline than online, now I’m throwing myself completely IN line 😛 and I hope I’ll be able to expand my presence a bit and that I will provide some new interesting things for my Art Shop.

Thank you dear visitor, and have a nice day 🙂

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