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Seven Continents of The World – Map


Hi there 🙂 Here we meet again. Honestly, it seems to me like only three days have passed since the last blog I wrote, not three months.  Hopefully, soon I’ll manage to organize myself well enough to be able to write more often. I’m getting there! As the title says, for the map I chose seven continents of the world model.

For now, everything seems to be going well, I hope it will get even better. I was working on some other small projects, making plans, considering options, and devising ways to map realization.  With every day I’m moving forward and that’s most important. Then no matter the speed or direction, it is always fun and so fantastic itself.  

From now on, I will primarily focus on the realization of the map, because I need to get a pilot copy within a month. Then follows the planning of the first small edition for us and gifts for friends and family, and further according to the situation. If you gain confidence in the quality of this unique product on the way, feel free to sign up so that your World Map could join the first edition.

The first edition will certainly mean minimum earnings for me or minimum costs for customers. Primarily because it will be available before the promotion and aims to help in testing a product and markets. In case the product gets upgraded after the first edition, all participants (first edition map owners) will have all possible benefits for all future purchases, in order not to lose anything but only gain, as a sign of my gratitude for the support.

So let‘s see how far we go!? 🙂

1st Milestone

Seven continents of the world

There are however different ways of grouping countries or land into continents.

The seven-continent model that I used is probably the most widely taught, so I roughly colored seven continents on the world map with gentle colors.

Few facts about continents:

Regarding population, almost 2/3 world’s population belongs to Asia, followed by Africa, then Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Oceania, and in 7th place is Antarctica with 0 population. It’s quite cold there, not pleasant to live in Antarctica, temperatures reach around −89.2 ° C (−128.6 ° F).

The penguins are waiting in the line for tea 😊

On the other side, I’m sure you’ve heard of Hawaii, where the climate is completely opposite. Do you know which continent Hawaii belongs to??? None. Hawaii is politically part of North America, but geographically it is not part of any continent.

Also, the interesting division is regarding Russia which is part of both Europe and Asia. About 75% of the Russian population lives in the European continent. On the other hand, 75% of Russian territory is located in Asia.

Upside down, and turn around 😀

A pallet of gentle colors and playful graphics I’ll use will encourage children to enjoy and have fun while learning about geography, botany, zoology, history, and architecture all across the globe.

The look and design of the map itself will probably change several times by the end. After I insert all the motifs when I design the final content and determine the exact way of realization I’ll have fun with the final aesthetics. And besides, I don’t believe that I will stay on one design, I will look to form a couple of different styles for different tastes, purposes, and environments. My goal is to reach quality, and usefulness, in every sense. If I already knew what all it takes, it would be easy. But, as I move forward, important things open up and I come across interesting solutions so I believe I am on the right track.

The things are simple, as you know, if the kids like something, they just absorb it. And that’s the goal, in short. To soak up the world 🙂 Then, it remains to us to enable them to meet the world in real 😉

I illustrated most of the animals that I’m planning to insert in a basic bunch of map items. But since I’m practicing video edits, I will present in short reels how animals are joining the map, continent by continent.

Then I will dedicate myself to drawing motifs directly on the map, which will not be interactive, like natural wonders, and then again I’ll return to monuments, plants, etc …

Coming soon… follow for more

2nd Milestone – North American Animals Joining the World Map

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