Let's travel the world?!

Let’s go on a trip around the world!? Who’s in?

Interactive World Map for children

Let’s go on a trip around the world!? I’m packing my things and whoever wants can join me 🙂 I want to create a good, attractive, beautiful, interesting, smart, and interactive World Map for children.

Hmm? Nice wish, but how?

I have no idea!

But I’ll check.

Namely, in the next period, among other things, for 2022, the biggest project I will deal with is illustrating a world map, intended for the youngest. Along the way, I’ll also create a bunch of other cute little sweet products from those illustrations, which would eventually allow this whole trip to reach its final destination.

Still, I don’t have a specific goal and specifications for the map, I need to determine that along the way. I believe that not just one map will be created till the end, but several different variations.

The basic idea starts from the map intended for children from 3 years and up, but it is possible that I will make it for slightly older children, too. It mostly depends on how much I will go into details, but I leave this to be an uncertain creative journey and I firmly believe that something beautiful and interesting will come out of everything.

Objectives to be met when creating an interactive World Map for children

The final product should be compiled into an Interactive World Map designed to spark curiosity in young minds. It is also important to make the map look attractive. To attract interaction, and to be desirable as a decorative item in the children’s room.

My goal is to create as many, but not too many, world-renowned motives, memorable simple shapes, interesting fun actions, I need to make a smart selection. I’ll probably make more different sets so as not to limit the possibilities too much, will see… I don’t even know too much in advance.

Using a pallet of gentle colors and playful graphics will encourage children to have fun while learning about geography, botany, zoology, history, and architecture all across the globe.

I imagined it in such a way that children, through play, simply receive basic education completely unconsciously, which would later give them an incredibly good basis for spreading knowledge.

Still, for now, all is just my imagination. So, I am moving to turn the imagination into reality! …while I still believe it is possible :)))) and it would be my pleasure for you to join me on that journey. I would love the company and any opinion or comment on that path can add big value. I believe that you would also enjoy it, I expect it to be fun and interesting.

For now, I will start with digital illustrations of motives and parts of the world map. And then later I will go into details about the physical construction of the interactive world map, materials, and other details of the realization. First to reach some digital material I can work with!!

That should be an interesting journey!

Interactive World Map for Kids – Fun and Education

A bunch of small projects in 1 big one

From there, I will try to create products from these illustrations along the way. Products like educational and coloring books for children, cups, wallpapers, canvas, clothing, decorative items, and other accessories, and I will make them available for purchase online.

I am quite excited, this seems like a very big but interesting challenge for me.

Still, I’m not sure about all the details of the implementation process, but I firmly believe that I will successfully bring it to an end. I just know approximately what my paths are to the realization of the final product. It will take time, in addition to illustrations, for research and testing, but I am in no hurry. If I make this happen, it’s already great. All in all, it’s not about the destination it’s all about the journey!

Join the journey – follow Artistic8

At any time, if you like the project and are willing to support it, feel free to make a purchase in my online store. I will keep you regularly informed about the process. I will post parts of the illustrations as I progress, along with some basic interesting information about the current motive I’m working on.

Since there is less travel in these crazy times, it is not bad to travel a little in our minds. Can be interesting with delightful children’s illustrations of native plants, animals, landmarks, cultural icons, and some stories along. And I would love to have company on that journey! Speaking of which, one of the sets can be for example all the means of transport used in the world… All sorts of things, quite exciting, such a broad subject and free to take off!!! I will focus on all the things in the world that can interest and make children happy.

So the goal is to have good fun, and for the project to fulfill its mission. Interactive World Map to see the light of day and one day become useful for learning and entertaining children.

I expect the final product, as well as the process itself to be educational, fun, interesting, and informative. And I will always try to share some free gifts, along the way for a better connection, relation, and understanding <3

Ok, I already gave so many promises, let’s see how it all goes.

So, who wants to travel? Just press follow on social media (Instagram and Facebook) or sign up for Artistic8 Newsletter, and let’s go! 

I’ll need support on the way, please don’t be shy, the company would mean a lot 🙂

my best,

Alex, the artist

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