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To Multiply The Money You Need to Understand The Energy of Money

We all want to have money, but do we know enough about how the energy of money circulates? Money is not some ordinary paper, money is a means of subsistence, and that is how it should be treated. Therefore, in order to have, that is, to earn money, we need to act properly with the energy of money. That includes our attitude towards what we spend it on, as well as the way we earn it. The way we use it, or the way we give it. If we do not become aware of these few things, we will hardly have any control over earnings or consumption.

It’s up to you

The key thing when it comes to money is that, even though it seems the least, owning money depends on ourselves. Our attitude towards money. Our spending and earnings should be fully conscious, regardless of the amount of money we own.

In order for money to flow to us, we have to attract it in some way. It is important to think of the way, to have a purpose, but above all to have the will to reach it. Your intentions and integrity attract or repel the energy of money.

To attract money, the most important thing is to focus on your own energy of money. Make a retrospective of you and the times when you had it and when you didn’t. What were you like, how did you behave, what moves did you make? Which moves were good and which were not, and find the reason in yourself. Poverty teaches us the best about money, it is our best teacher, so don’t despair if you don’t have money, learn from it, and roll up your sleeves.

Review your beliefs about money, what you think about money and how you treat it. That is the essence you need to understand. If you don’t have money, you probably have certain internal blocks and beliefs that prevent you from penetrating the energy of money. Remove those blocks, and create new beliefs.

Change or upgrade your beliefs about the money energy

Like I said, if you don’t have money, don’t despair but learn from that situation. Become aware of your actions, or not. Solve it with yourself, change your actions, correct them, have fun with new plans and ways, and don’t give up. Everyone deserves to have money, but above all, he must approve of it. When you get rid of wrong beliefs, there comes the magic.

Forgive yourself for being content with the little one, forgive everyone and yourself if you find yourself being held back, and promise yourself and others that the situation is changing from this moment on. Change yourself and your beliefs about money. Promise yourself and others and keep those promises, that’s the driving energy you need.

Ken Honda, is a well-known Japanese author, also known as the Zen Millionaire. In his life, he was looking for an answer to the question:

What is the secret to wealth?

He got this answer from the Warren Buffett of Japan, Wahei Takeda;

It’s very simple, arigato your money.

Surprised by the answer, Ken Honda asked Wahei Takeda again. And Wahei had to repeat his answer, “Yes, with a big smile on, just arigato your money.

Arigato your money means to appreciate your money. Simple as that… 🙂

Check the video below if you’d like to better understand his method or philosophy

And good luck …


Now a little about the technical and practical aspects related to money…

How to properly manage personal finances

To properly manage personal finances you need to know your options, cash flows, as well as different ways to invest so that you can multiply the money gained. Good personal financial management leads to well-being, security, and the ability to expand, both as individuals and in material terms.

To achieve financial stability and independence, it is quite necessary to know personal financial management. Money, like everything else, is essentially energy, circulating. And you need to multiply the money. Exchanging money is like exchanging energy, try to understand the scheme by which it works.

Personal finance management can be divided into two major subjects. One is spending and the other is saving. If you do not know about these two subjects and you have not been able to take a proper financial decision to save money on your behalf, you need to take the help of a professional.

Come and go in a positive flow

This subject concerns your personal finances when you spend money. First, you need to have an estimate of how much money you can save when you think about making an expenditure. And if you cannot do that, you need to have a budget. This allows you to plan and calculate your expenditure and accordingly decide your monthly savings. The purpose of a personal budget is to allow you to know if you are spending too much money and to know if you can save enough money for each month.

Another good topic on spending is to make sure that you have an itemized list of everything you spend money on each month. This helps you plan your budget, calculate if you are spending too much money, and can be of help to manage cash flows. If you find that you have been spending money incorrectly or you are not able to make savings or find the areas where you can cut down, then you need to seek professional help.

Your saving can also be divided into three major subjects. The first is investing, which can be split into two sub-topics. The first one deals with checking accounts, the second one with mutual funds, and the last one with stocks.

Saving and spending

When you invest money, you need to remember that one thing is to try your best to save money when you invest and the other thing is to make sure that you do not miss out on opportunities to make profits when you invest. And if you have made these mistakes, then you need to seek the help of a financial planner.

If you have been spending money incorrectly, or are not able to find the opportunities to make profits when you invest, then you can seek the help of a financial analyst. A financial analyst will help you with making sound decisions about your investments. Even when you invest, a financial analyst will find a suitable strategy on how to make profits and how to find opportunities that can make you money.

What does a financial planner do?

Having this information in hand, you can take action and change your financial situation. The above-mentioned topics of saving and spending are really important and knowing is not the only requirement. You need to be organized and patient to look for the right opportunities to make profits with your investments. It is also crucial to spend only the amount that you need to save or invest.

What does a financial analyst do?

This is the part that can make you money. He will make sure that the required amount is spent for the investment of the money that you have to spend. If you do not have enough time to do the analysis and planning, then a financial analyst can help you to do this analysis and planning for you and keep your accounts properly maintained.

The benefits that can be derived from the financial analyst can be:

+ Capital gains taxes

+ Home improvement loans

Here are some of the reasons why a financial planner can be helpful:

 Financial analysis

You can ask your Financial Advisor for help in analyzing your current financial situation and provide a projection of your financial situation based on that analysis. This analysis can be done after you have gathered the necessary information about your current financial situation. This analysis is also helpful in determining what investments you can make to improve your financial situation. You can use the analysis report in your loan decision-making.

Financial advisor

A financial advisor helps you understand your credit card habits and how to minimize the payments. This is an important question to ask because all credit card habits are the same. To minimize the payments, you need to know how much credit card habit you have. The good news is that all credit card habits are the same.

* You can ask your Financial Advisor for help in deciding whether to consolidate your debts or not.

* Financial advisor helps you determine whether to apply for a mortgage or a personal loan. To determine whether to apply for a mortgage or a personal loan, you need to know if your other loans can be consolidated or not.

* Financial advisor helps you determine the most suitable refinancing option for you based on the results of your previous mortgage application.

You can use the analysis report from your financial planner to help you determine the best financial strategy for you. This is important because the optimal financial strategy for you depends on the result of your previous mortgage application.

How to get the assistance of a financial planner?

* Start with the Financial Advisor who is a good friend of your family member. Your Financial Advisor must provide a report on your financial situation and advice on how to improve your financial situation based on the analysis.

* Your family member must be in a financially safe position (no need to give your financial advisor a recommendation).

In such an approach, your Financial Advisor must have some knowledge in financial planning and have experience in helping clients in improving their financial situation based on the analysis.

The analysis report from your financial advisor must show the results of your previous mortgage application and your current credit card application, and the results of your recent credit card application. He should have recommendations for you based on the analysis.

In this example, your financial advisor should recommend the consolidation of your existing credit card debts into one loan or a mortgage, or a personal loan. A good suggestion may be that your existing credit card debts be consolidated into a secured loan (which is a loan that is guaranteed by collateral such as your home or a car). If your existing credit card debts are under $3,000, the recommendation should be for a personal loan.

If your financial advisor is good but he fails to recommend a recommendation after your credit application has been analyzed, then he should also have some suggestions as to why he missed the recommendation.

Your financial advisor may also offer suggestions for other credit applications that you are likely to file.

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