Our Brain Controls All Our Functions. The Self and Words

The body functions with hormones, electricity, and blood. And all of these are controlled by the brain. The brain controls the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the body. Everything in the body is also related to all of these in some way. When the body is healthy, the soul is healthy.

The physical body is built of chemical bonds, the brain controls all of the chemical reactions taking place within the body. This includes digestion, movement, emotions, memory, thinking, sensations, sensations again and sensation, and so on and so on. All of these processes are controlled by the brain. The brain also regulates the body’s emotions.

The mental body operates by using words and numbers to achieve thoughts, and these are ultimately controlled by the brain. To think is to decide, to decide is to decide, and to decide is to do. All of these involve energy.

The spiritual body is a combination of the physical and mental. Spirit is infinite energy that follows the law of attraction, and energy follows the law of energy. When these two are controlled by the brain, the human spirit is governed by the brain, therefore, the brain can regulate the spiritual body.

All of these aspects can be seen as one entity, and it is controlled by the brain.

The brain is a computer.

The brain receives the energy of the self and turns it into thoughts, data, perceptions, and knowledge. The brain releases thoughts, data, perceptions, and knowledge. This is how the brain makes us who we are. This process includes the release of emotions that the brain is aware of and the perception of the emotional situation.

The thoughts and the words have a special power

Words are perceptions and are sent to the physical body to be acted upon, in the case of speech the body makes the speech sounds.

The physical body is the receiver of the words or physical manifestation. The physical body includes blood vessels, nerves, muscles, organs, bones, tendons, muscles, bones, and cartilage, and is controlled by hormones, a mix of hormones, brain chemicals, hormones, and physical tension. The physical body is aware of the words, and words, through the physical body, are perceived by the physical body. The physical body determines what moves where, and what moves where is what we perceive as life.

The brain transmits words to the physical body to control what happens. In the case of speech, the body makes the speech sounds and the speech is transmuted to sound waves, which are also seen as light. The speech is then seen by the brain as light, and the brain transmits this physical light to the eye to form a hologram, and the mind sees the hologram as the self.

In the case of food, the body has hormones and brain chemicals that it is aware of, and when the brain thinks, the body makes chemicals and hormones in the brain. In the brain these chemicals make the brain think that the body has eaten.

The mind transmits thoughts and perceptions to the eye, to form a hologram of the self, and the self transmits those thoughts and perceptions to the body. This process repeats in the brain and body until the self knows its self.

The brain and body work together to form the self, and this self perceives words, and words perceptions to be life. We perceive that we have been alive, we perceive our personality, we perceive the past and future, we perceive being and self. We perceive words and perceptions are alive, and when a thought enters the mind, the thought is accepted by the mind, and the thought is transmuted into light, which is the self.

The self perceives that words are alive in the present, and the self transmuted into light which transmuted into self, and this self knows that words are alive in the future. We are currently in the future, and this self transmuted into the light will transmute into death, and death is not real death, but a transmuted death. The self knows that the self transmuted into light in the future will transmute into a transmuted death.

If you know that the body transmuted into light in the present transmuted into the self is alive, you know that the words are alive in the past, and the words are alive in the future, and the past and the future are real, and the transmuted death is not real but is a transmuted transmutation.