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Tips For Designing Your Child’s Room, Their Dream World


When we decorate a room for children, we can have complete freedom, which is perhaps the best part of decorating a children’s room. When designing your child’s room there are no limits. We should use imagination, we can arrange the children’s room the way we want, or as they want, it is only important to be creative and do something that everyone likes.

Although children like to be different, the general theme of children’s room decoration is usually a castle, and if you are decorating a young boy’s room, it is most likely going to be a castle theme. The way you can make sure of this is by asking for input from the boys, or girls as the case may be.

Let them have a say in how the room is going to look

If you are decorating a room for girls, it is a little bit more complicated, as you will need to try and find a theme that both the girls and the boys like. To simplify the process, start by thinking of what the room is going to be used for. Girls will usually have interests geared towards sports and playing, while the boys will want to have a theme around adventure, racing, building, and the like.

This will help you to start to get a general idea of what the room is going to be used for, without having to worry about how the girls or the boys feel about certain items in the room. You will need to find some sort of motif so that the girls can pick their favorite fairy tale, and the boys their building plans. This way the girls and the boys will both have something they like in the room, without having to spend extra money on decorations, or furniture.

How can you make the children happy when designing your child’s room?

Children are easily bored, and as such, it is important to have lots of different things in the room to play with. This will keep the children entertained, while you are trying to not upset them. With that in mind, it is also important to keep the various toys in the room, so the children will be unable to see things that they shouldn’t see. This will help you to be able to make their room feel safe, without having to spend extra money on secret signals to let you know what they found.

As with anything, it is important to look at the big picture

Here is an idea, how you can make your children feel like they are in a movie. Designing your child’s room means importing interesting gadgets. Have a projector or TV set built into the walls of the room, which can be used to show a movie as a projection. To make the children feel like they are in a cartoon world, have a cartoon character statue standing guard near the walls, or a cartoon character with you as they come in. Make sure that you don’t have the words “no singing or talking” painted in English on the wall, as this will make the world feel more like an adult setting.

To finish off the home setting, have large pictures of cartoon characters, and cartoon characters dancing around the walls, and large teddy bears. You should make the place warm. You can have some people in the place, or make use of the various kid’s posters available. To make the room feel like home, and to give the child a feeling of belonging, have some posters of cartoon characters walking in the room.

Find their perfect theme when designing your child’s room

You can use the same poster for each child, in different sizes, or if you have a themed room, just use a few posters of similar colors and styles. Make sure they are not too busy or similar.

If you don’t want to buy posters, then use images of cartoon characters on any wall they seem to fit best. Cartoon characters can often be found readily available in bedding, curtains, or even on toys.

Don’t forget toys!

Of course, buying toys for the children is important. Make sure that the characters are played properly. Make sure that the limbs of the toys are clean and not covered in stains. The color of the toys can help to make them feel more like cartoon characters, and you can also use different logos if you like.

When considering all of the above, don’t forget that there are accessories to the cartoon characters. There are plush toys to help make the characters more like what you have planned. To top it all, a large poster of the cartoon characters can also help to make the children feel more at home.

When we decorate a children’s room, everything is allowed except white and boring walls. The children’s room should motivate, inspire and teach in some way. The most important days of growing up happen in it, so let your imagination run wild and decorate a children’s room with gentle colors and different motifs.

Color Their World:

It’s always important to use color in the kids’ room because it affects their mood. When designing your child’s room, when it comes to colors, let your kids choose what they like. When it comes to bedding, pillows, curtains, and cuddly toys, pick those which make them happy. You don’t have to agree with their picks, as they are their choices, but help them along the way.

In general, use the same color on the walls and furniture. Select three shades from the color wheel, and use one on the entire room, and one on the furniture. Use neutral colors for curtains, rugs, and walls. White can be added to the accessories and toys for extra color.

Bedroom Colors:

For the bedspread, curtain, and pillow coverings, choose three hues from the color wheel or shades of the same color. Keep the wall color neutral with the addition of a small amount of white. White encourages learning.

For curtains, choose the color of your choice for the wall and add the color of your choice to the pillowcases and bedcover. For the curtains, pick the color of your favorite, add the color of your least favorite and paint the door trim. Use a variety of methods for painting the toys. Some use paint, others use faux painting and then trim the stems with white. Most parents find using a combination of painting and trimming to be the best solution.

Allow your kids to have their own ideas for the room

Tell them that they can have their own ideas, but they should be within the budget. If there is no budget, let them have as much fun as they can in decorating the room.

Have the lights turned off during sleep time, as that helps to keep the room dim? Also, have the blackout curtains on the windows. This way, they can enjoy their sleep in the darkened room without the sun shining through. This will help them to learn better in bed.

If the room is very bright, have the curtains on the windows rolled up. This will let the light in, but still, block some of the UV rays.

Check to make sure that the bed has enough padding. If it doesn’t have enough padding, add a little feather bedding. It will give the child good sleep.

If the playroom is the same as a bedroom, combine colors and light

Most kids love to sleep in new colors. Let them enjoy the sleep with new colors. The colors you suggest may be a warm color, but we recommend keeping them pale to medium colors. Like that you’ll avoid having to repaint the room. Let them choose the color you recommend.

Add a bedside lamp, which is white if it is on the ceiling. Make sure it is the right size. The wrong size will make it difficult to adjust to different heights of the bed. If you can’t find the right size, use a brightly colored lamp and add a blue valance.

Remember, white items will help the child to feel more comfortable. The child will associate white with space, but that should be some kind of detail. Choose a wall clock that is white or very muted colors.

There are different types of blankets that are available in different colors. There are many different types of scarves and cords and the accessories they are hung from. Try to find a combination of white and colors, especially the sky blue and the sky green, the kids will love the combination.

If the room is very dark, don’t bother with the lighting, use the wall sconces to illuminate the room. This way, they can enjoy their sleep in the darkroom.

You can add white, blue, and shades of green accessories in different types, sizes, and textures. That will make the color combination that will make the little ones so happy.

Don’t forget the accessories when designing your child’s room…

Wall clocks. Pick a wall clock that you know your kids will love. Pick one that has something they can look at and feel the energy with them. There are many of those that are colorful.
Murals. They are extremely eye-catching and the color combination is easily achieved.
Toys. You can combine the toys of the same color to make a fun color combination. There are many types of toys available, including those made from white toys and those made from colored toys. You can mix these toys according to your choice.
Table lamps. The color combination is easily achieved by using table lamps with a mixture of colors.
Wall decals. If you don’t like the look of vinyl wall decals on your wall, you can use them on any color of the wall. They are easy to apply and remove.

After you have created a color combination of your choice, don’t forget the accessories of your choice. Make sure to include a favorite toy in each of the categories above. This will make the color combination more personalized and special.

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