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How To Make A Relationship Work, And To Save Your Marriage When It Seems Too Hard

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Married life is less and less valuable these days, but people must not forget that married life is like a minimum twenty-year project that needs to be pushed through. If we are open-minded and strive to grow and prosper together, that life project of ours called married life will have a better chance of success.

What are these things that you want to ask your spouse?

Let me try to break it down for you. First, you can ask for some details about your partner’s educational background, experiences, desires, and plans.

And you can also ask for some details about yourself!

And this is more important, you can be specific when you ask for details. You can ask for things like your past job, salary, current job, salary increase, the amount spent on personal loans, number of cars, number of kids, house, family background, educational background, previous marital problems, past abuse experiences, present marital problem, past divorce experiences, and the like.

And you can ask for these things in an organized manner or in a haphazard manner. With organized details, you can force your spouse to give you the information you want. With haphazard details, you can make your spouse talk about his or her past experiences in a haphazard way, sometimes not even knowing how his or her personal problems got started.

An important thing, before we sail into married life, is to get to know each other as well as possible

You can ask your partner if he or she wants to have a family or not, have a career or not, travel regularly, or wants to stay single. Most women have some doubts about asking any of these things because they worry that he or she will consider themselves better than others. But sometimes, the doubt is caused by some wrong perception of yourself.

If you want to have a family, and also want to pursue your career, then it’s good to ask your partner about what he or she wants. And then, it’s good for you to know if you want to go to the city together, go on a vacation, stay single or not, have a hobby or not. With these thoughts in your mind, then your partner can give you information about his or her wishes to be fulfilled. Then you can make plans to fulfill these wishes.

The more you know your partner about you and about your wishes, the better your cooperation will be. If your partner knows that you want to have a family and also want to continue pursuing your career, then he or she will be more motivated to help you with your plans. And in case you both do not know about these things, then you will both have doubts and it will be harder to help each other. When you know each other well, then you can make your plans together.

It’s all about you and your partner

Your relationship is about you and your partner and the things that you both want. The relationship is also about your partner and about his or her other relationships. But the relationship is also about your family. There are a lot of people who are in a relationship because of their families. Your family should always be first.

If your relationship is more about your marriage and your family then it is a relationship that you should not end without thinking about how it will affect you and your children. It’s not always about your needs, your wishes, and your dreams. And sometimes, the relationship is also about the needs of your children.

So your relationship should not just be about what you want but also about your partner and your wishes. So think about it, and work together and make it a good relationship. If you have any doubt about any of these concepts, then ask for advice from your friends and family and find other couples who are in a similar situation.

So when you want to know how to make a relationship work, remember the following:

1. Don’t make your relationship all about your partner and about his or her wishes. There are also your needs, and it should also be a good relationship for you, as the opposite.

2. It is also not about knowing each other too well before you decide to get married. You should make sure that you both have a happy life. It is not just a casual thing.

3. Make sure that your relationship is also not a relationship where there are doubts and you are not sure about things. The relationship should be a relationship that is clear and which is known.

4. Make sure that you have good communication. In such a situation, the better you can communicate and the better you can work together. It will be good if you both can speak about things which you think need more research, or for your partner to know about so that there is no misunderstanding.

There are a lot of things that you should take care of in order for you to make a relationship work. Don’t just put all your efforts into making your relationship last. It should also be a mutual effort, and you should do whatever it takes to make it a good relationship.

How to Save Your Married Life When It Seems Too Hard?!

Married life is not easy but it should be beautiful and fulfilling. We expect a person with whom we intend to spend a lifetime, or at least a good part of our life, to meet a certain part of our needs. But, it also means the other way around, and we need to meet certain needs of that person. Many marriages end up in divorce because of this kind of misunderstandings.

There are many things we need from our partners. For starters, we need genuine and true love. When we love someone, we want them to be with us through thick and thin, and through good and bad times. We may be mad, sad, happy, or indifferent. We need to know the other person is with us. Even though we may disagree or not like what they do, we believe they are with us “through thick and thin” and through good and bad times.

We also expect our partner to be our best friend

We expect them to listen to us and support us through life, or to be faithful to us and our secrets.  Also, we expect them to be our rock, that when things are rough, they will be there for us. In marriage life, we are expecting another person to be our cheerleader, that when we are down, they will be our source of inspiration. We expect to have their back in everything we do. When we believe we won’t have their back in, we are looking for a lifetime partner.

Marriage is not just about sex. Sex is good but is just the beginning. It is an introduction to someone we love. It is about trust, honesty, and transparency. We should also know that when we have our period, we won’t have their back either. It is about believing, that whatever happens, we will have their back. It is about having someone that believes in us and believes in our dreams.

We should never feel used, abandoned, or betrayed by our partners. Marriage life is about having the other person’s back. And it is about being able to withstand when there are mistakes when we feel things have not gone the way we wanted. It is about being able to stand by each other in the toughest of times. About having the courage to stand up to bad decisions, about deciding together what to do when the house burns down and the water begins to rise in the basement. We should be able to look each other in the eye and still love each other despite the circumstance.

Married life is about being together, even through tough times.

We should know each other so well that when the going gets tough, we will know exactly how to stand up together. It is about having some money and being able to spend it together. Marriage life is about having kids and being able to enjoy ourselves together. It is about having the habit of being kind to one another, without expecting anything in return. We should act as a team in the long run. It is about being supportive and helping each other. We both need to be able to sit together and talk even when a child cries or a headache occurs. And the most important thing, it is about being able to laugh together about anything. About being able to have a sense of humor together. It is about being able to say:

1. “This is nice” or “Nice trick” or “I don’t like it” or “That is amusing” or “You are wrong” or “That was funny” or “That is clever” or “That is a great idea” or “Wow, that was a good one” or “What a clever trick” or “You are awesome” or “What a wonderful idea” or “Wow, that is clever” or “What a sweet thought” or “Thanks a million”

2. “You are the best”

Marriage is not about getting the highest priority. It is about having each other’s back.

You have to know that when you have gone through tough times, it is not about trying to put the blame on your spouse. It is about being able to sit together and have a mutual understanding of the things that you have both been through.

There are two of you, so it is important to be able to admit the obvious. It is about being able to sit with each other. Always…

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