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A Personalized Poster, and Home Décor Item in One is Your Perfect Gift!

A personalized poster, gift, and home décor item in one is definitely a great choice. Wall art in the form of Posters or Canvas is the simplest and most effective way to decorate a living space. If we add a personal stamp or a fond memory, it easily becomes the most favorite decorative item in the house. Definitely a Great Choice!

Let’s take a look at some personalized poster wall art and home décor ideas.

The idea of personalizing a wall can bring an infinite of emotions. With that knowledge, we came up with our own ideas related to the personalized poster. And we are constantly trying to expand the range. It can make you feel alive, excited, relaxed, or even happy! It brings a special mood to your room that you have yet to even dream of.

Personalized poster art or home décor is definitely the best way to create such moods in your living space.

Infinite ways to personalize your space

Let’s say you have a quiet family room. The perfect art or home décor idea would be to have a small collage of photos of family members. Or perhaps one particularly striking photo in a watercolor. You can even add a small Canvas art created of photos from your Facebook page. Could be also an advertisement you just love, or perhaps a picture you took on your favorite vacation spot.

If you have a busy family room, then perhaps the best ideas for that room would be Canvas panels on a white background to give it a serene and calm feel. They will look exactly the same but will give a different feel and look with a personalized poster.

Let’s say you have a bright and lively family room and you want to bring a sense of professionalism and order to that space. You can hang framed artwork that serves as compliments to the room. For instance, you can have one framed panel that looks like a fireplace mantel that also happens to be a portrait of your family.

Personalize your space!

All of the above ideas are just the tip of the iceberg in the world of personalizing your space.

If you are looking for ideas or just searching for information, you are at the right place. We are constantly striving to bring innovation and make the realization of fresh ideas. Searching for those that will teach, entertain and refresh all those who encounter our artworks. If you don’t know what to choose, don’t hesitate to contact us at support@artistic8.com we look forward if we can help.

We have come up with some unique tricks so you can get something personal and at the same time nicely decorate your living space.

Get Your Own Personalized Poster ART!

Please visit our ARTISTIC8 ART SHOP and take a look at various posters and illustrations. Order your own photo Art.

Artistic8 Your Photo is our product category in which we work with your photos, photo processes, and then drawing or painting over them.

The other two categories, Family Wall Artworks, and Our Smartworks refer to ready-made or semi-finished illustrations that are later printed on certain materials, as required.


Artistic8 Your Photo is like the best personal gift in the form of a Poster or Canvas that will artistically depict your dear memory. From the photo of your choice, which you would send to us, our artist can create a real work of art.

Made Artwork would specially decorate your living space and it is a kind of piece that’s just great to give as a gift to a family member or someone close.

After the artist finishes your painting, we will send you a (proof) preview by an email that you have indicated. If you are satisfied with the result, you will approve the image, which we will print out as soon as possible and send to your specified home address.

In addition, when ordering, you’ll have an option to add an inscription of your choice. You can write names, special dates, messages… etc.

We are focused to make you happy and beautify your life, or some person dear to you to whom you would dedicate our product.

Our artist Alex paints a picture based on your photo in digital format, by hand, on a drawing board, using different techniques which you can choose from. Each picture is unique and each artist is approaching individually, working in detail, with attention and love.


Already designed and illustrated works of the artist, ready for exhibition but with the possibility of adding personal data to personalize them. In simple words a personalized poster. You are able to provide us with certain personal information when ordering, which we will implement in our art posters. Information such as name or names, newborn baby information, someone’s initials, special dates, places various messages… depending on the art you choose. Artistic8 – All Rights Reserved.

In this product category, the most important thing we offer is the opportunity to add your personal stamp, but this time with ready-made illustrations. They mostly refer to posters for children’s rooms with different meanings, messages, and pictures, imaginatively developed with a detailed approach, fulfilling all aesthetic forms. You have the choice to choose different posters, to which it is possible to add, enter, your data or the data of a person dear to you for whom you are ordering a picture.

Some of the most popular relate to newborn babies and data entry, something more than a perfect gift for the newborn babies of your loved ones.

We are constantly working on new ideas…

Interesting theme

What should we know when choosing posters and generally wall decorations for a child’s room? The space in which children spend the most time is a very important factor in their growing up. How to make the right choice of posters with which we decorate a child’s room? What kind of themes are best for a child’s room? What kind of things should we avoid? Here’s a look at the main choices, what kind of themes and why should we use them? Best thing – What kind of theme should we choose?

Personal touch

When you’re decorating a child’s room, there are a few main options that should be chosen, depending on the space in which the decoration will be put. You should choose something which will show his/her personality, i.e. fun, good times or a message to the parents. This is exactly what is achieved with a personalized poster, it is also the most beautiful part of our profession,  happy clients.

Fun and friendly

Fun – Funner, brighter, and more friendly. This kind of theme can make a room sparkle, especially if the best poster in the room is a sparkly poster of sparkles. Kids will love posters with cartoon characters holding a beverage or a slice of pizza because it makes them feel like they’re on vacation. You can place a fun poster over the fireplace mantle, in a corner, behind the sofa, or above the dresser. A fun poster theme can also be used for the corners of a bedroom. In a child’s room, this theme will create a more cheerful and happy mood.

Good times!

Good times – One of the most popular children’s themes is the good times’ theme. Parents and kids will love it because it shows the good times a child has with his/her parents. There are many themes that show the good times, but the good times’ theme is a popular theme because it’s a great way to keep the whole family involved in the family. You can put a couple of posters of fairies on the wall, a fairies bedroom theme, posters of cartoon characters, cute animal drawings for the hall or the corner of the bedroom, and of course, posters of people having a good time.

If you’re decorating a child’s bedroom, you should choose one of the themes like pirate, racecar, racehorse, pop star, and sports car, because all these themes make the child feel like a superhero.

The themes that are recommended are animals, cartoon characters, fairies, gentle, joyful colors, etc.

Please take a look at our modest poster offer and if you like any don’t hesitate to order at least one. Our small workshop does its best to regularly develop new ideas and expand the offer so that some really good things could reach our homes. We have focused a lot of our attention on creating content that can serve as a personalized poster.


Already designed and illustrated works of the artist, ready for exhibition and without the possibility of adding or changing any data. You are able to order these artworks as they are in the shape of the paper poster, framed paper poster, or Canvas Art.

We mostly focus on works intended for children’s rooms with special messages of an educational and entertaining nature. It is an expression of the artist that enriches the young children’s spirit and at the same time decoration level of the interior. Artistic8 – All Rights Reserved.

General tips related to interior design and decoration:

* Consider how the room is decorated, and if it is decorated properly. Before buying any furniture, furniture needs to be properly placed in order to give your room an inviting feel.

* Consider how you want the furniture to look, if you’re looking for a formal or informal look, consider the shapes and how they will blend in with your furniture.

* Consider the colors that you want to be used in the space. If you are planning a home club, then you might consider using different light colors. Like light blue, light green, light yellow, etc. which can help ease tension. If you want to use darker colors, then consider basing the color on your club’s foundation stone.

* Consider adding some plants that will help add life to the room. If you have a place in your home where you want to add life, then this is the time to do so.

* Consider what color will you use on the walls and what kind of art.

If you are trying to save money, then try looking for deals on furniture. Easily, you can find some great deals on used furniture on the internet. You can even buy furniture for under $100. There is always a solution, if you are in doubt, then ask for help. Whatever you decide to do, remember that with a little bit of imagination and creativity, you can turn your space around very easily.

After all, we are always here and ready to contribute and improve everything as much as possible in our way.

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